End Of Year Report Is Here!

It's almost a year since we started with our official ADHD diagnosis and it has been great to get the answers we desperately needed. We were at a loss before we broke up for the school holidays. I didnt know what this year had for us. I was apprehensive. But he got his diagnosis and... Continue Reading →

Summer Holiday Bucket List

The summer holiday is almost upon us and I have the job of making sure that both the boys are entertained and off their tablets for the summer. I have put together a little bucket list that I am going to try and get through as the weeks go on. The list was longer but... Continue Reading →


Adhd is more than hyperactivity. Its finding the adventure in a world that can be boring. He is happy and bouncy. He is positivity in a world that can be a dark and lonely place. ADHD is loyalty beyond words. He wont ever leave you out, he thinks about you more than you know. He... Continue Reading →

Our Half Term Holiday

And poof... Before you know it the half term holidays are over and we are back to the mundane, the uniforms, the afterschool clubs, the routine of it all. I secretly do love term time though but I absolutely love the holidays. The freedom it brings to the table, I can work in the morning,... Continue Reading →

Finally Potty Trained!

"MESS!" The 2.5 year old toddler shouts from the other room. "Oh shit" the mother mutters under her breathe for the hundredth time that day. She is hoping that it is just a wee and not the other one. She doesn't think she can bare it. That mother is me. I walk into the other... Continue Reading →

Motherhood Is Hard

Motherhood is hard! There are so many things that we struggle with on our journey through motherhood from the moment we find out we are expecting our baby our lives are changed forever. Our journey with our children never ends. It is one that will keep throwing challenges at us long after they've left home... Continue Reading →

Elf On The Shelf Ideas

With 7 days left until Christmas that means us parents have been shifting an elf around the house for last 17 days. I often find that by the time it gets to the last 7 days it can get very tedious work trying to think of different ideas for your elfs antics. Throw in the... Continue Reading →

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