Korey rides his bike!



I had to share this post with the world!

He has tried, and given up, for two years learning to ride his bike. He suffers with his confidence and as soon as he fails he gives up.

Not today!

Today he got on his bike and stuck with it! I am so proud of him!

Here’s some tips and ideas how to get a kid who’s confidence gets in the way to ride their bike- and more importantly- don’t give up!

  1. Do not pressure them. They may not be ready yet. Shouting at them and pressuring them will make it worse and knock their confidence further. Telling them their brother/ friends/ cousins/ mum rode their bike at five will not make them feel any better about themselves when they are seven years old and still can’t do it. It will make them give up.
  2. If they fall off, get them back on. Addmitedly K didn’t struggle with this bit, he never went with a big enough bang that deterred him from getting back on. He was happy enough when he wobbled to get back on and try again. But if a fall does happen, brush him off and tell him it’s ok, tell them the amount of times you fell off your bike as a child and tell him you got there in the end. It takes a few falls to get good!
  3. Get involved! I loved this bit! Hold onto the seat and hold him up! It’s hilarious to run with him, makes him feel that your helping, keeping confidence up and helping them stay upright while they pick up their speed. I found that telling K I was going to let go helped so he didn’t panic the second I let go and he wobbled. I talked him through what to do when I let go: keep pedalling and steer the handles to stay straight. Within a few goes he was doing it himself!
  4. Keep practising and capture the moment! The saying goes: practise makes perfect! I loved the process of teaching him to ride his bike, it’s a milestone I won’t ever forget. The milestones are few and far between as they get older so I definately appreciated it all the more. I am so proud of him and he is of himself now he’s finally got the hang of it. I love the video I got of him: you can hear him shout “i’v mastered it” you can hear how proud he is and I’m so glad I captured it on video!

Tell me your experiences of teaching your child to ride their bike I’d love to hear them!

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