VE Day

Today we celebrated VE Day at the care home I work at as activity coordinator. This is one of the main reasons I love my job!

Lets get the flags out and celebrate a big part of the residents lives.

I spoke to many of the residents about what VE Day meant to them and many (most of whom have dementia) remembered where they were the day the war was over. Many remember how they celebrated with street parties at home, some were in the town centre and partied until late in the evening. The one thing they had in common… They all smiled about the memory. It’s such an important part of our history that our oldest generation still remember. Most of the residents were young adults and this was “their time”.

It was such a pleasure to relive with them the good old days, the hardships they had faced leading up to VE Day and celebrate with them how much they had overcome as a generation. I was so touched by the joy they had reminiscing about a time period that would have been such a dark time, turned good in the end.

After reminiscing and group chats about the war and what VE Day meant for them, we headed out into the garden where the sun was shining, not a cloud in sight, and our very dear friend Jayne Darling performed her 1940s war tunes for the residents with juice and ice creams. We listened to the music of the era that finished the rest of the afternoon. There was dancing, and cheering, and lots and lots of singing.

Most importantly, we remembered.

Thankyou for reading my blog. Please leave me a comment about your favourite celebrations and why they are important to you.

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