5 ways to survive the summer holidays as a working parent.

The summer holidays are always so long and finding enough for the kids to do is a daunting task, without even thinking about how much it is going to cost. Throw in that you are also a working parent and you’ve got yourself a predicament.

I always want to give my kids the best. Any parent does. But how do you possibly find the time to go to work and fill your kids lives with as many memories as possible. It’s a dilemma.

Iv pulled together my five top tips to surviving summer with the kids, on a budget, and spreading the time evenly with work and family balance.

#1 Have a Rota. Seems like it’s a bit OCD but it does work for us. I work out what time iv got off and plan the good stuff for those days, the days I’m at work we fill in with the little things, like quick picnics on the park that still create magic but don’t tire me out too much when iv had a full and long day at work. I have a calender that I draw up for the big kid to read and mark off (when the summer holidays are here) he loves this part. This also really helps with his structured routine which goes out of the window soon as a holiday hits

#2 Create a budget. Memories are great but can cost a small fortune. This is where the budget comes in. You can probably save some cash for the bigger days out by buying boxes of cereals and cutting the coupons for free adult entry tickets to theme parks and museums. I try and get one big thing every two weeks, trip to a theme park, trip to the beach. Anything that’s within your budget. After that there’s the smaller things- trips to swimming, parks that are a bit further a field that are more of a challenge to get to, and so on. I set a weekly budget that works for us and we stick to it.

#3 create an “I’m bored jar”. I love this one! I sit down with the kids with an old sauce jar and ask them all the things they want to do over the summer. This can be anything as simple as “get the bikes out” or “play kerby”. I love getting the kids involved. It’s their summer holiday. This way they still have some control and they get to explore what they want to do with any spare time they have.

#4 Go for a simple picnic. Simple is often the most popular choices in my house. My kids just love taking a blanket and eating outside. Last summer we took them to a dinosaur museum, we took a picnic for after. You know what the kids remember from that day- doing cartwheels in the grass and playing football. They weren’t particularly interested in the dinosaurs, which shocked me, but the picnic probably cost me £10 the dinosaur museum: £30. I know what I’d rather do next time 😂

#5 Have fun and enjoy making the memories! (Ok so this one isn’t really a survival tip, but it’s just as important) the amount of times I pull my hair out when the kids are off school. It drives me mad, but they are only kids for a short time. Take the pictures. Take as many as you can. Live in that moment because they are the memories your kids will hold on to when they are long into adulthood. I love it deep down when the kids are off. I love making the memories with them. I love spending time with them. Doing the silly things. Summer days are long but the years are short.

Do you have any summer survival tips? I’d love to hear them! Please leave me a comment and don’t forget to follow for more tips 😁

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