The happiest day of my life

For normal people, the happiest day of their lives are usually big days where their lives will change forever. For example, getting married, or the birth of baby. And whilst these were definately up there on my top ten, the happiest day of my life was something a little more simpler and yet almost as life changing.

Let me walk you through it.

My son is somewhere on the spectrum. And has been for as long as I can remember. We have tried for three years to get him support and be under a paediatritian up to this point we haven’t got very far…

He has had another bumpy year at school and spent most of his time being sat at the back of the classroom on his own table. Sounds awful and it is, but try as I might his teacher wouldn’t move him to the front.

Eventually (after a few months) the teacher agrees to move him to the front of the class. Since that day he has been coming out on silver, bronze and even gold on the rainbow behaviour chart at school! He even received a headteacher award this week for excellent conduct!

For a few weeks I had been chasing up Ks referral for the paediatritian at the hospital with no information that they could give me. To then find out he hasn’t received a GP signature which should have been sent 8 weeks ago!

Upset was not the word.

Well I got a phone call to say that he has now been accepted by the paediatritian and I will soon receive an appointment!

So this is why this is the happiest day of my life. This is pinnacle to Koreys growth and development. His self esteem and confidence is growing every day. I am so proud to say he is all mine!

This is a picture of him coming into assembly (I had a personal invite to watch him receive his award) he was so surprised to see me sat there. (He didn’t know he had received the nomination.

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