Step Parenting- how do we do our best by the “other” child?

Me and my partner both had a child each from previous relationships, so we both came with baggage.

I remember being very cautious meeting his daughter, and likewise being cautious about him meeting my son. I didn’t want someone to come into his life for him to disappear just as fast. But the day came when we introduced the children and everything went well. Everyone became part and parcel.

Then I got pregnant and my god my head was in turmoil. All those hormones really tipped me over the edge. I was so cynical about absolutely everything!

I remember having a coffee with a friend and suddenly bursting into tears. I didn’t like my stepdaughter! And I hated myself for even saying it. She was a child and I was the adult. Why didn’t I like her? I don’t even know! She was too fussy at the dinner table. She wound my son up too much. She was very clingy for a four year old to her dad. Then my friend said something and it clicked.

Do you want her to like you. And there it was. I craved for her to come to me when she fell over. I craved for her to sit on my knee. I wanted her to stroke my tummy when the baby kicked. It wasn’t that I didn’t like her. I wanted her to like me.

Time went by and my feelings suddenly dispersed… mostly because the baby was born and my hormones went back to normal. I was able to start doing little things with her. I was able to do her hair in the morning. Then maybe make her favourite dinner.

Two years later we go for coffee (hot chocolate with marshmallows for her) and I love the little bonding sessions we have. I love her!

Don’t get me wrong, she still drives me mad with her little tantrums. But that’s part of her. There’s things my own two boys do that do me in too. They get treated no differently.

Becoming a step parent is hard. It can make or break a relationship. But I wouldn’t have it any other way now iv got her. I love her to bits.

If you have any experiences or tips of becoming a step parent I would love to hear them!

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6 thoughts on “Step Parenting- how do we do our best by the “other” child?

  1. Natalie Sarah says:

    Being a step parent is awesome you just have to remember how hard it is for them for their parent to have a new family as sometimes they can feel a bit left out, but as long as uou make them feel welcome and bond with them it’s happy days ☺ x

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      • Stephanie Gray says:

        I was unsure whether or not I should be so raw about it. I feel so guilty now for how I felt back then, but then I think the pregnancy hormones didn’t help and deep down I just wanted her to like me 🤦 sounds so daft two years later but thinking about it I didn’t really understand what was going on as it was all so new. It took an outsider to see what was going on. Hopefully someone who might be in my situation will be able to spot it and help them move on from it xx


      • Natalie Sarah says:

        Yes it’s such a hard situation to be in and I think it helps to know someone else has been through it and how they felt, especially because not many people write truthfully about it so it’s hard when you’re feeling down about it xx

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