Promoting independence with children and toddlers

Independence in children is so important and yet I think it is so underestimated. Sure children can and will be needy at times but they still need to be independent and be able to rely on themselves, their own awareness and their own instincts. This is how they will grow to be self sufficient adults, and it starts from when they are only babies. From learning that even though you have left the room, you will be returning and haven’t actually left the planet permanently. Sound familiar? I had an awful phase with my youngest where I couldn’t even go for a pee without him screaming the house down…

But this is all it is… a phase. He soon learnt I will come back, and so he learnt some form of independence. Sure he wasn’t about to put his own shoes yet, but he learnt a bit of self assurance. I wasn’t about to carry him up with me, place him on the bathroom floor while I do my business. I need my privacy!

I love how independent my boys actually are though, they have always been able to go off and play, I haven’t ever really needed to be shadowing them.

My toddler is very quick to attempt a climbing frame, he tries to get himself dressed. And whilst he will ask for help by saying “stuck” he quite often will have a go himself first.

My seven year old, although he needs reminding to put his clothes in the laundry basket most days is actually really independent. He bathes himself, looks after all his toys and has a place for everything. Remembers his homework due dates. He is under a paediatritian so this probably has something to do with it but he is really independent.

How do you promote independence with your children, or do you disagree with children having too much independence? I would love to hear your views.

Thankyou for reading.

4 thoughts on “Promoting independence with children and toddlers

  1. Natalie Sarah says:

    I need to let my daughter be more independent, she likes to bath herself but I always go in and help even though its not needed and I think it’s because she’s my only child and I’m guilty for still looking at her as my baby and that I need to look after her but she’s 8 now and kids are more independent than you think aren’t they? Xx

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