The things I’ll miss as the kids grow up

There are so many things I will miss as the kids grow older. Whilst it is daunting to think about, that day will soon come, and whilst the days are long, the years are short. One day it will hit me, and the time would have gone, they will get jobs, get girlfriends, move out of the house and have their own kids…

Ok, I’m crying into my coffee now! And folding the never ending laundry, and picking up the 100th car of the day. Here is a list of all the things I will miss when the kids grow up:

1. Those first steps! Who can truthfully hold their hand up and say this isn’t a milestone that everyone gets excited about! This is truly one of the most exciting milestones that I have ever encountered with my kids. It’s a day that marks the start of them leaving the baby stage and entering the toddler stage.

2. The way they hold your hand. I absolutely love this, I want to paint a picture of a child lovingly (and willingly) holding their parents hand but truth be told what you’ll probably find is that the child is trying to wander off into the opposite direction that your trying to go to… But when it does go well, isn’t it the sweetest thing.

3. Those goodnight kisses. Do I really need to say anymore? These end each day properly. You are the last thing they see before they close their eyes and dream. It makes me sob to think that one day these will stop.

4. Cuddles. I absolutely love my cuddles from my boys. I love to just sit and watch a film and have them snuggle into me. I still let Ethan curl up and fall asleep on me. Korey is 7 and he still cuddles me, I love them all! They will never be too old for a cuddle but there will be a day when they won’t be small boy cuddles but man cuddles!

5. Endless laundry and cleaning. Ok, I have mentioned this one previously, but I really will miss this one. I will miss being needed. I will miss the responsibility of making sure my boys are in clean clothes every day. I will miss tripping over toy cars and trains and cursing them because I have stubbed my toe on another piece of Lego that hasn’t been put away properly (pain I haven’t felt since labour!).

6. Listening to them read. My heart will break the day this one ends. I love listening to my kids read. I love helping them sound the words out, I love hearing them predict the story and how the characters feel. I love how this one activity can help Korey to tap into other peoples emotions and to help him predict what will happen in the story. One more story Korey!

7. Mealtime banter. Ok, I said I would miss them, not their perfect ways. We have banter at the table. I don’t actively encourage the banter but once one starts they all start. They can be little devils, but they are happy, and they laugh, as long as they keep it to our table and not when we are out in public then I don’t see it being a massive no-no. But I will miss the day when the boys leave our table and go eat somewhere else. It just won’t be same without their silly jokes.

There’s going to be more things that I will miss as the kids grow older, but up until now these are the ones that I really will miss. Koreys still only 7 and Ethan’s only 1. So iv still got plenty of time to cherish these moments.

What will you miss as the kids grow up? Please share your thoughts with me. Leave a comment. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. xx

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