10 movies to watch when you’re home alone

Picture this: your partner is out for the night. The kids are in bed. Everything is peaceful, calm and serene… What do you do? Well I know what I’d do! Grab a bottle (of wine, not milk) get the munchies out that have been stashed and hidden away from the kids for this very occasion and wack on a film.

I don’t know about you but my partner isn’t keen on my choice of films and I’m not a fan of his (sometimes we agree). We mostly watch horrors together because we like to see who jumps the most. I get into fits of histerics when he screams!

I save my most special films for when I’m home alone. When I get to really concentrate on the story and get sucked into the characters.

Here’s my top 10 that I love to watch when I’m home alone:

1. Beaches

This film has been a firm favourite for as long as I can remember. It reminds me of my relationship with my oldest friend. I just love the story. And I can’t help but need tissues at the end… No matter how many times I watch it. I know how it ends and still I sob…

2. The Notebook

Another favourite since I was about 14. I have actually overplayed this one with my partner, and he says thats why I’m so obsessed with documenting our story. Maybe it does have a role to play- but then maybe because I work in a carehome with dementia residents and I love to do life history work with my residents… This one hits close to home.

3. How to lose a guy in ten days

This is a proper feel good movie. I love to drink wine to this film! It cracks me up the things this girl does to lose the guy for a magazine article. AND he just takes it because he wants her to fall for him for a bet! It was only going to ever end one way! In love 😍

4. Saving Mr Banks

Maybe I’m biased here. But I love Disney and I love Mary Poppins so this one was always going to win my heart. It gives a whole new meaning to Mary Poppins now that I know the history behind how and why she was created. And left me crying near the end. And it’s got Tom Hanks in the film so it’s got to be good hasn’t it?

5. The Green Mile

Another Tom Hanks one, but I think hes got to be my favourite actor of all time. I actually read the book before I watched the film in my early teens… I didn’t expect the film to be better than the book so didn’t watch the film until I was quite a bit older. But it didn’t disappoint. I have watched this film many times and it never tires on me.

6. Overboard

Another film that makes you feel good. You just can’t beat the classics. This soon is so funny and I love Kurt’s character. I really relate to Goldie’s character though with all those boys! Its like I am witnessing my life right there…

7. Dirty Dancing

Another one that I could watch over and over again, but only when the boyfriends out with his mates… I think everybody has seen this one more than once. And yet I can’t help but want to do the lift.

8. Bring it on

The best teen film out there! I was so mad on this film with my mates when we were like 14… Sad but hey ho this film still makes me feel good. Mostly because of the memories it brings back to being so young, so free. My fave character was Missy. She still is my fave. She kicks ass! Spirit Fingers at the ready!

9. The Other Woman

This film is so good! It has girl power written all over it. Where you’d normally expect cat scratches and hair pulling they all come together and reap hell on that guy… “What’s his name” urgh who cares… He deserves it 😅

10. Sweet Home Alabama

I absolutely adore Reese Witherspoon. She is such a great actress and theres not many films I don’t like her in. She spills confidence and motivation and good feelings. This film though where she rocks the accent. I love that accent! This film again is a feel good film that goes well with junk food and a bottle of wine!

So there’s my top 10. Please leave a comment on your favourite movies that you love to watch when you rock a night in on your own! Thanks for reading!

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