Another Fathers Day Post

Iv been thinking, since giving my gratitude to my partner on my previous post there was a time he wasn’t around.

Once upon a time he wasn’t there. This wasnt his fault. We weren’t together.

Once upon a time I was a single mother.

And it was hard! All those night feeds, all those tumbles, constantly worried if he was weaning right, was he potty training too late? I had all these worries and nobody to really talk to about it. Me and his dad had a terrible break up, he moved out when K was six months old, but we didn’t officially split up until just before his first birthday, he was seeing someone else, and I was bitter!

It took a long time to get over that, it was hard going, he got to move on while I was left holding the baby, making sure he had everything he needed. Ks dad still saw him, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t able to confide in him about K. I spent another three years pretty much on my own. He had a dad but I was still being a warrior on my own. Making sure he got to school every day with a full stomach, making baths every night so I know he’s clean. I started seeing someone else but it didn’t work out. It didn’t last long. Once again I was fighting the mum battle on my own. Making sure the bills were paid on time, keeping the roof over our heads. Keeping food on the table.

It was hard!

Fathers Day would come and K would go to see his dad. And id just sit there and think: who wipes his tears in the night when he’s had a nightmare? Who takes him to school EVERY DAY? I know I have a Mothers Day but actually, as a single mum you don’t get a day off.

So as Fathers Day comes around, and all you single mama’s out there are feeling that pinch in your heart, just remember that there are other people like you out there, mums (and dads) who are the only ones in the week to be the main supporter of the kids.

Take the opportunity to not be bitter on Fathers Day but embrace it. If the kids see their dad go have a long hot bath without any kids sitting/climbing in the tub after you.

If you still have your kids on Fathers Day, embrace it. You are a warrior in your own right playing mum and dad! You are blessed with beautiful children.

You got this Momma!

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