Fathers Day!

Fathers Day is right round the corner. I was spoilt on my day this year so figured I may as well spoil him with a blog about him this year. (I’m not even sure if he will read it… il just leave the tablet lying around) obviously he will also be showered with gifts and cards and a day off from doing the housework and cooking (like he doesn’t already get this treat every other day of the year!) No, on a serious note though, the guys pretty amazing and whilst his cooking skills aren’t up to scratch and I won’t let him anywhere near the washer… He pulls his weight in other aspects of the house and family.

Here’s why I think my guy deserves a shout out this year:

– The guy changes dirty nappies.

He does this alot more than I do in his defence. He’s pretty good at it, applies cream and gives me a full description of consistency and colour. Got to love his eye for detail 😂

– He was awesome when it came to supporting my breastfeeding journey.

In fact, so supportive that he didn’t bat an eyelid when id walk round the house with suction cups attached to each boob whilst making him coffee first thing in the morning, having had no sleep, I must have looked a mess, and yet he’s still with me. God love him!

– He lets me lay in at the weekend.

Not every morning, we both work mon-fri so generally we take it turns to get up and feed the kids, but isn’t it blissful when it’s your day off and someone brings you coffee in bed…

– He treats K like his own. He came into Ks life when he was only 3, but he treats him so well and exactly the same as how he treats his own kids. You can’t ask for much more can you?

-you can always find him round the kids, making sure they are behaving and having fun.

Not that I don’t play with them, but he will always be found playing with them. He’s an angel like that.

– He will always lug the hoover around. This one amazes me, I don’t even need to remind him, he just does this one on his own.

And that’s why I am going to spoil him on Fathers Day. Like I do every year, because without him my job as a mother would be a whole lot harder, a whole lot quieter and not as much fun!

What do you like most about your partners parenting. What are your guys plans for Fathers Day?

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