Our bedtime routine

Every night time we go through the same ritual. We have to have the consistency or it would drive me insane, let alone the children.
So we have the same routine every weeknight, with the exception to weekends because K stays with his dad every other weekend and M stays with us on that other weekend so all the kids are together every other weekend.
The bedtime routine starts off at around 6:30pm with bath time. Sometimes K will have a bath with E but because he is 7 he is in the transition of wanting his own space at bath time wanting to wash his own hair and his own body. So sometimes the boys go in together other times they don’t…
After baths we settle down for Es story, he will pick a few books and we have our downtime. E still hadn’t transitioned from his bottle so he will have a bottle with his story. Eventually he will drop off with a cuddle and by 7:15-7:30 he will be fast asleep.
This allows me to have some 1-2-1 time with K, he will read to me and we can go through his spellings. Korey will normally tell me he is tired at 8pm and I take him up to his room. Here I will read to him his bigger stories, these vary from Harry Potter to David Walliams collections. We will talk through the chapter and then it’s kisses and goodnight.
This is when I’m meant to have downtime but find myself organising the next days events, clearing clutter and washing the pots from tea.
I love our bedtime routine because both kids get their own time with me and it’s a time I get to just sit down and chill with the kids. I try to use this time as a tool for talking to K without any distractions around us about anything that may be worrying him or anything good he wants to tell me about.

Tell me your bedtime routine. Do you have any habits? Or do you think that bedtime routines are overrated? I’d love to hear from you.

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