Water Play Ideas For Children And Toddlers

Today it got really heated in my back garden. The children were hot and bothered, I hadn’t filled the paddling pool up (it needs a good clean from last time) and I didn’t fancy filling it up for only an hour of sunshine before the shade hits our back garden… #mumfail

So… I improvised…

The kids were fully entertained for a whole 90 minutes, they cooled off AND all their outside toys got a good clean… #mumwin

So, here’s a couple of ideas I chucked together, quick, simple and cheap for a last minute job well done I’d say:

1. I recreated a car wash scenario. This one got my seven year old involved too which I didn’t think he would be down with… it’s cleaning after all 😂 Ethan rolls up in his car and Korey cleans it. Then Ethan gets out and helps before he drives off again… And repeat… This activity went on for ages

2. As you can see from the black spot in the above picture I also added bubble bath to the water, Ethan loves bubbles so this one in itself was entertaining. They didn’t last long though he was throwing them at everyone 😂

3. Paintbrushes and water. So simple. So quick to just chuck out, and no mess! This has got to be my favourite, really CBA activity. It’s not that I’m a lazy parent it’s just sometimes a mum doesn’t want to tidy up after she already has done 15 times already…

4. What floats and what doesn’t. Another simple one, line everything up and just drop them in one by one, Korey made a quick list. Learning made fun!

5. Ethan and Korey both tipped cars and dinosaurs in the water. They sat beautifully for ages just splashing in the water and playing make believe with their toys.

So I didn’t feel so bad after, they had fun, they enjoyed themselves, they were in the sun but were no longer hot and bothered. And I wasn’t so stressed out trying to keep them cool. Win win tonight I’d say.

What’s your go to summer activity when you haven’t planned for nice weather?

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