When should you tell your child Santa’s not real?

Ok, so I know we are a few months away from Christmas but this has been playing on my mind for a while. When is best to tell your child that Santa isn’t real?

I love the magic that Christmas brings. The whole season is literally my favourite ever. I love the build up from elf on the shelf ideas, to setting up his milk and cookies on Christmas Eve. Watching all the Christmas films and obviously waking up to all the presents Christmas morning and the kids faces when they realise that Santa has been…

But when should you tell your child the truth?

Korey goes up to juniors in September and it makes me nervous that he may be going into juniors still believing in Santa. I’m still not convinced that he’s old enough to be told the truth and he should hold onto the magic for as long as possible but then socially with his peers especially, does it make him a target for still believing? How many seven/eight year olds still believe? Have their parents already told their kids the truth?

Korey hasn’t really questioned the authenticity of the “magic key” because our house doesn’t have a chimney… He knows that the one at the shopping centre is just a Santa helper to get the lists from all the children to help the real Santa…

Last year though a child told him Santa wasn’t real and it broke his heart. It took Korey three days to come and ask me. By that time he broke into tears and said E had told him Santa wasn’t real. He was then starting to question whether he was real. Luckily we saved it and watched Polar Express as a back up.

This made me wonder whether he was old enough to be told the truth. But then I want him to hold onto the magic for that little bit longer.

This has got to be the biggest dilemma I have had since becoming a parent. To tell or not to tell.

Do I wait another year and hope he believes for one more year, or do I bite the bullet and take a tiny bit more of his childhood away?

Please share your opinions and thoughts on Santa. Have you told your child? When did you tell them? Do you have a plan on when you want to tell them?

5 thoughts on “When should you tell your child Santa’s not real?

  1. Natalie Sarah says:

    I have a plan that I will tell my daughter about santa rihht before she goes up to high school as there will be a lot of children ‘I think’ that will already know and I’d rather her be upset that he’s not real than other children being mean, I have seen a good way to tell children that I think I will use, you basically tell them that anyone can be santa and get them to choose someone who they could buy something for and suprise them by writing it’s from santa in a gift card and leave it on their doorstep and stand back where you’re hidden but can see and explain that they’ve made someone feel happy by giving them that suprise and that’s the concept of santa and what Christmas is about. I think that’s a great way to make them understand. X

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