Weekly Update from the Gray/Goddard household

What a week it’s been!

We started off the week nice and slowly, kick-starting with school and work. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

Tuesday was Koreys sports day Phil, Ethan and I were in full force ready to cheer the boy on! He did so well! He didn’t win anything but he took it all so well and never stopped trying. I have always hoped that iv brought him up to never give up and always keep on going. I was a really proud mum that day!

Then England played Bulgaria on the Tuesday night and everything went wild in my house! (To be fair there was only me and Korey up, Ethan was in bed and my partner works until 10pm weeknights, but whatevs!) The penalty shootout was intense, we have never won on penaltys. And I have never felt tension like it. Korey loved it, he had never heard his mum swear Infront of the TV before but I just couldn’t contain myself!

Thursday night came, work night out! I was still at work that day- I won’t waste annual leave days, what a night that was! You can tell I am a mum who doesn’t get out much! I pace myself to begin with, serious not to make too much of a spectacle of myself, because let’s face it, iv got to see these people the next day, and the next day, and the next day…

That didn’t go to plan though, I mentioned that I’m a mum who didn’t get out much, that means I don’t drink much either. So I was a few beers in and before you know it, I’m forgetting that I’m not an 18 year old spring chicken anymore who can party til 4 and still work the next day. Well! I was drinking shots before you knew it… BAD IDEA! The rest of the night was a blur and I don’t remember getting home…

Friday morning…

Oh the hell of it! Drinking on a school night, why? Why did I think it was a good idea to drink on a Thursday? Why didn’t I think I still had to be a parent the next day? Why did I forget I still had a full days shift the next day?

As I lay there on my sofa I contemplated life’s choices and realised if I didn’t turn in I would be sacked, I still needed to get Korey to school and I sure as hell was getting no sympathy from my partner who just spent the morning tutting and laughing at me with the boys.

The kitchen at work were more sympathetic and let me have a fry up on the house, I must have looked like crap… I drank a lot of coke that day in an attempt to sort myself out. Needless to say I went straight to bed that night…

The weekend kicked off full swing with Maisie being dropped off at 10am the boys have missed her. They play so lovely with eachother they are really close.

England played again that afternoon so I got in pizzas and party food to watch the game with the kids. I didn’t swear Infront of the telly today… But I did shout alot… And cheered them on when they won 2-0. It’s coming home!

Sunday was spent abit more freely, I dropped Korey off with his dad in the city centre and popped into the shops to pick up some summer bits for the boys for when the summer holiday kicks in full force in two weeks time.

Maisie and Ethan then came to my work with me, I popped in to see the residents and pick up some paperwork.

After that it was your usual routine stuff. Tidy up, sort tea, showers and pjs, bedtime stories and then up to bed we go for the week ahead.

It’s been an insane week and an out of the ordinary week. I don’t expect this next week will be as eventful but I’ll be glad of some order and routine, and no hangovers…

Hope your week was as bright as mine and the next one is just as colourful!

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