Ethan’s Birth Story

On Tuesday we will be celebrating Ethan’s second birthday. And what a journey it has been. I spent nine wonderful months wondering who this little person was going to be. I spent nine beautiful months wondering what colour eyes he would have and wondering whether he would have my nose.

I also spent nine months worrying about one thing (other than will he be healthy). I spent nine months worrying how I will get him out. My labour with Korey five years earlier had put me off having any more children and I really did not want to go through three days of agony like that again.

The time went on and I grew bigger. I enjoyed having my little bump. Knowing that at this point, I was never on my own. I was quite content, I wanted to stay pregnant forever.

Well I couldn’t stay pregnant forever.

I started my maternity leave at eight months, the weekend started like any other, until Phil’s lung collapsed… He then spent the next two weeks in hospital, the same hospital I was due to give birth in any day. He had his lung operation and soon I was playing nurse at home. How I didn’t give birth I’ll never know.

My due date came and went that Friday, and that’s when my anticipation really kicked in. I was starting to panic.

Me and Phil have other children with our exes, so on that Friday we waved Maisie off to her mum’s, and on the Saturday I waved my Korey off to his dad’s. We knew this would be our very last chance to officially have a “child free” weekend and he wasn’t in hospital. We spent that night having a Burger King, with ALOT of milkshake, with my brother. I then felt very ill so he took me home and I went to bed, leaving the men downstairs.

6am the next day I woke up with a start. I just didn’t feel right. There weren’t any major pains, I’d definitely felt worse Braxton Hicks. So I let my partner sleep and messaged his sister to keep her informed of my every movement… She required this more than me. After all everybody else was on edge just as much as me.

By 7am I was definitely getting contractions and I found myself realising I was probably definitely in labour so I phoned the maternity ward who helped me time the contractions. I was told they were very early stages and not to panic. By ten past 7 I was back on the phone begging to go in. They told me to come in for 8:30.

I got on the phone to my brother to take us to the hospital. He came like a shot, I still don’t think he had time to clean his teeth…

By 8 I was in his car screaming at him, my partner, anybody who would listen that I was going to be sick, that I was in too much pain and these men just didn’t understand. They must have thought I was such a baby because we were only an hour in and I was in a right state.

We got the hospital, I walk through the doors and my waters go… I couldn’t move… I wasn’t fortunate to experience waters going naturally before. Koreys had to be popped. It was the weirdest experience.

I was examined and confirmed that i was in fact 5cm! I was so proud of myself.

I got in the pool an hour later and started on the gas and air. I had told my partner that under no circumstances was I to have anything stronger because I wanted to remember having Ethan. I couldn’t remember having Korey.

It wasn’t long before I was pushing my little baby out into the world and watched him for a split second Bob around in the water. He didn’t cry, there was no noise. It was a serene moment until I ruined that moment by shrieking “I did it!” I pulled him up out of the water and held him as I cried my eyes out. The midwife handed me a towel and I wrapped him up. Then I just sat there. I didn’t want to move.

That’s when I looked at the clock it was only 10:05! I had literally only woke up four hours ago! It was the most strangest day of my life. My biggest acheivement. I had done it all in four hours.

Ethan weighed a very healthy 7lb 11oz (very big for my petite 5ft size 8 frame) and had 10 perfect toes, 10 perfect fingers. His face was very swollen and bruised from how quickly he came out but he was healthy. He took to his first feed perfectly and I was amazed at the achievement I had just experienced. I was in awe.

I am so grateful to the midwife who delivered Ethan. She listened to everything we wanted, held my hand when Phil wanted to pee, and even though I screamed at her, she didn’t throttle me. After Ethan was born I lost alot of blood in a short space of time and was quite poorly. My body went into shock and not all of the placenta came away, my body didn’t contract back so I had to have some extra help from the doctors and had an overnight stay.

But I did eventually make a recovery. Korey came to see me in hospital and then Maisie the next day. It was fantastic to have my family all back together.

This was where our family came together. This was the day our family was complete.

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