A letter to my youngest son

To my youngest son.


I am so glad that you were born into our already crazy world.

You came at such a time that we needed to see the good again.

The innocence that having a baby can bring.

The gentle and soft we had forgot before now.


Your brother is so crazy wild.

But with you he became so tender.

He was your protector.

Nobody would come between you.


You showed us how great it can be

To see my body move

The ripples across my tummy

To show me you are safe


I was nervous you would bring us stress

Into our already chaotic lives

Me and your dad, we had one each already

Could we really have one more?


The weeks turned into months

Your brother and sister waited

Until the day we brought you home

And then the fun began


Your sister had to learn to share

Your brother had to learn to wait

Your dad had to learn to divide his love

And I had to learn patience


You weren’t the easiest of babies

You didn’t sleep for the first year

You had severe reflux

You had to go to hospital


The days merged together

The medicine it really helped

You started gaining weight

Eventually you stopped crying

All day and all night


We got to your first birthday

And you blossomed through and through

You taught us all so much

Much more than we taught you


I went back to work

You settled in at the childminders

It hurt you never cried for me

Just enjoyed the new routine


You made so many friends

A really smiley boy

You played and sang and learnt new words

And learnt to share those toys


Those weeks passed by so quickly

Soon you were turning two

I couldn’t help but stop and stare

At how quickly you had grew


I love the little things you notice

Like your shadow that scared you so

I love how strong you are

I love that you love to cuddle

I love that you are sweet


You brought so much joy to our lives

Much more than you can comprehend

You don’t even know how much you saved us

And how close you made us all.


All my love, Mum

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