Five things ADHD medication DIDNT do for my child (all positive, I promise)

My son started his ADHD medication in the summer holidays and there has been a massive turnaround in his behaviour, he has finally (after a three year battle) been diagnosed with ADHD and is finally being given the support he truly needed to succeed. So many people still believe though that ADHD is a made up condition and an excuse for naughty behaviour for a mum who cannot control her unruly child/ren. For any parent/family member or friend who has been exposed to a child who has ADHD (and I mean that in a nice way) you can clearly see they have a different way of learning, there is a different way in which they process information and I’m sorry, for someone who doesn’t live with a child with ADHD it can be quite hard for them to understand.

But, this being said, I chose to medicate my son because he struggled every single day, he struggled at home, in school and any after school activity he did. I did not want his childhood ruined by constant telling offs and constant battling. I did not want mine and my son’s relationship to fail. And so I chose to medicate him.

My biggest fear was that he would be a zombie, that he wouldn’t be the same boy he was before, cheeky, charismatic and charming. He was still that same boy, just calmer and less impulsive.

Here is a list of the things his medication didn’t do for him though:

  • It didn’t teach him to use his manners. He already knew to do this, he just “forgot” because of his behaviour was to act on impulse. He now uses manners straight away.
  • It didn’t teach him to put other people first. He is so thoughtful of other people, he will regularly think of his brother and his stepsister, he regularly asks to buy me flowers and makes sure when it’s someone’s birthday he has a present for them.
  • He tried to strive in his sports, sports day was always his favourite day of the school year because he likes to run races, it was something he didn’t really need to concentrate on and he loved it, it came easy to him. The same goes for his swimming. He absolutely excelled in his swimming. His medication hasn’t really affected his sportsmanship because he was always pretty good at this.
  • His medication didn’t teach him his charm. He is very loved by alot of people, he never intentionally hurt anyone, so was very likeable even before his medication. He was very good at turning on the charm and being loved by everyone who knew him.
  • He still has his individuality. He is stubborn with his views but that’s ok. I don’t want him to be compliant and I want him to question things when he’s unsure. He isn’t argumentative but will get his point across. He is thoughtful, he always has been.

All these things were instilled in Korey before he had his medication prescribed. However, was shadowed by Koreys struggles. People never particularly noticed all these qualities in him because people saw the negative qualities more so.

I’m just glad that people can see these things about him now.

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