The problem with not getting on with your ex when you have kids

This is mostly going to be a rant. I’m not going to draft or redraft but I am so annoyed at some parents behaviours when they split with their partner. In particular: my parents.

They have been split for as long as I can remember (25 years give or take) and still can’t enter a room without causing a scene. It’s actually embarrassing.

My little sister (I say little, she’s 25) is getting married next year. She has asked both parents to be there. And rightfully so in my opinion. The moment she asked our mum she got the “don’t invite your dad” and as soon as she asked my dad she got “let me walk you down the aisle, that will really piss your mum off” where is the self respect people??? This is YOUR DAUGHTERS WEDDING DAY and you’re ruining it for her.

I’m part of a blended family myself. I have a stepdaughter and my son has a step dad. We make it work to make the kids happy. It doesn’t just mess up childhood if you don’t get along “for the sake of the kids” it can ruin adulthood too.

My sister is now panicking over these 50 year olds ruining her day. What satisfaction do these parents gain?

I could never do this to my kids regardless of what my ex had done to me in the past. If my child wanted the other parent there it shouldn’t even pose an issue.

Be a parent and act like one!

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