Elf On The Shelf Ideas

With 7 days left until Christmas that means us parents have been shifting an elf around the house for last 17 days. I often find that by the time it gets to the last 7 days it can get very tedious work trying to think of different ideas for your elfs antics. Throw in the fact you’ve been just too busy with other Christmas events and then you find yourself in bed at midnight nice and tucked in ready to go to sleep then you realise: you forgot to move the elf.

Iv put together some of my favourite elf antics so if you get stuck in times like this you’ve got a back up plan that won’t take you too long to put together.


This one is very simple. The elf made breakfast. Literally takes 1 minute and voila. Breakfast and the Elf are both sorted!


Anyone up for edible snowballs from the North Pole? The kids loved eating these little magical treats!


The elf has written the kids name with toothpaste. I remember this one being a last minute job after I’d already got into bed. 2 minutes and the Elf is saved!


So the elf decided that Korey was allowed to have a cup of tea with his breakfast this morning. Shame he couldn’t do it particularly tidily, but it only took 10 seconds to make right and Korey was happy to have his cup of tea!


Ok Ok! So I may have left the Elf some of my treats leftover from the night before… But the kids don’t know so it’s all right isn’t it?


I literally just stuck some craft buttons and googly eyes on a couple of marshmallows. I am the laziest elf mum ever 😅


This is the easiest one yet. And all I did was stick eyes on cartons and eggs 😅


The kids fell for this one hook line and sinker! Just YouTube “elf stuck in the tv” it stays up for an hour. You’re welcome!


This one was so easy. Tie the Elf up, gag him and stick some toy story soldiers, or any other toys… jobs a good ‘un.

DAY 10

Got a Christmas event planned? Use the Elf to announce it to the kids. Time effective!

DAY 11

Let the Elf cheer the kids on! He can be their very own little cheerleader. Korey loves that the Elf knows he’s got his performance.

DAY 12

Let the Elf do some wall climbing! (I did use extra celotape to secure the bows and the elf)

DAY 13

Korey thought this one was hilarious! He especially loves the poem! 😂

DAY 14

The elf wrapped the kids lunches and left their reports in the lunch boxes. The kids were completely unaware until lunch time. I looked forward to having the kids come home that day 😂

DAY 15

Be VERY careful with this one, Korey and Maisie are light sleepers and kept stirring so I thought hell, il draw on me. The kids loved it, they thought it was hilarious, however when it came to washing it off, it didn’t come off straight away…

DAY 16

Candy Cane hide and seek! We did this one at the weekend when we had extra time. It was brilliant. Kept them busy for ages and I got to drink a hot coffee!

DAY 17

Did someone say movie night? Count me in!

DAY 18

Got to admit I enjoyed doing this one. Use wiper pens though 😂

DAY 19

This one takes slightly longer, ziplining elf… we used fishing wire and stick him on. The joke with this is that Ethan (My two year old) kept trying to touch the Elf and Korey was concerned he would lose his magic. WINNING!

DAY 20

Riding a reindeer ornament 😂 the less said about this one the better!

So here is 20 days of the Elf. We have still got 8 more sleeps til we can put the Elf away for another year. Make it good!

Have you got any elf on the shelf ideas? I’d love to hear about them!

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