Weekly update- Korey

Hi guys!

So this one is just a quicky regarding Korey and his ADHD. I had assumed that because we had the build up to Christmas that his medication just wasn’t having the same effect as it normally would, the change in routine, the stimulation from the lights, the loud music, the thought of Santa coming; they would have all had an effect on his behaviour. So I waited, I waited for him to return back to school and for everything to settle down.

Two weeks into the new term and nothing has got better. He still kicks off at the bus stop waiting for the bus. He still runs around. He was a nightmare at his after school clubs this week I am amazed he didn’t get kicked out. He was howling like a dog, whistling, up and down on his legs when he should have been sat on his bum listening. The list goes on.

Tuesday night was the hardest. This was the night he decided to run up and down the bus. He didn’t want to sit on his seat. I have got two year old Ethan with me and iv got to try and keep both of them safe. I’m not superwoman and this night just broke me. I was physically and emotionally drained.

ADHD is that stigma disability, he isn’t just naughty, when he can’t even keep his basic safety needs in check that’s when you know something really isn’t right.

I have phoned for his pediatrician and I am waiting for a call back regarding giving him a smaller dose of his drug in the afternoon in the hope of curbing this need to act impulsively in the evenings. He is still doing fantastic at school so the drug is helping him. But he needs something more for the inbetween bit. The bit where I pick him up from school and he goes to bed.

Thankyou for listening to me rant. If you know anyone or have a child with ADHD I would love to hear your story.

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