Our Half Term Holiday

And poof… Before you know it the half term holidays are over and we are back to the mundane, the uniforms, the afterschool clubs, the routine of it all. I secretly do love term time though but I absolutely love the holidays. The freedom it brings to the table, I can work in the morning, come home and then the afternoon is ours!

The first day was literally just spent in pjs, chilling out, enjoying films, food and just hanging out. It was bliss. As soon as I got home I just couldn’t wait to chill out with the boys.

I paint a pretty picture but by 4pm the kids were bored, they were fighting and I couldn’t wait to get them to bed. Truthfully! I failed at this: let’s just chill at home. And vowed I wouldn’t have another day like it again!

Day 2 was spent at the park, letting the kids blow of some steam. The kids love the park, it’s free and its across the road. It’s a quick escape.

We then took the eldest to jujitsu for the evening. He got his certificate last Saturday so he was very happy and confident tonight.

Day 3 was spent with friends at soft play, I can feel a bad cold coming on and believe me, the last thing I wanted to be doing was spending the afternoon full of a packed room of screaming kids.

By 5pm the cold was beginning to feel like a man flu and I’m feeling ill. Doesn’t stop me from taking Korey to his swimming lesson, I’d rather he be there than we go straight home and I suffer because neither boys can function without driving me mad! In their defence they were very well behaved tonight, they came home, had food and went straight to sleep.

Day 4: its Phil’s birthday, so today is spent making sure he is very well loved. Breakfast in bed, we go out for dinner, come home and play games. The holidays are alot easier when dads there! He makes everything fun!

Day 5: Maisie comes over today and iv took a day of annual leave. We go to Wheelgate Park. Its about 90 min away on the bus but the kids dont mind, they are excited. There’s so much to do, there is a five year age gap between my eldest and youngest so I need to find something to entertain all of them. Which is what Wheelgate does. Theres a farm for Ethan, he loves the animals especially the chickens and a giant park for the older two! We spent all day there and didnt get home till late.

And that’s our half term. It’s not been massively overwhelming, but enough to keep them busy. They’ve done enough.

I cant wait to get back to normal tomorrow though!

How’s your half term been? Have you got any half term hacks?

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