Adhd is more than hyperactivity.
Its finding the adventure in a world that can be boring. He is happy and bouncy. He is positivity in a world that can be a dark and lonely place.
ADHD is loyalty beyond words. He wont ever leave you out, he thinks about you more than you know.
He wont forget your birthday, he will make you feel special. Like you are the only person in the world.
He will be your best friend for life.
It’s the attention in the littlest of details but not noticing the bigger picture.
It’s the overwhelming urge to click your fingers when you’re trying to keep your butt sat down in class.
You got that annoying song stuck in your head today? Me too, but I cant help myself, I have to sing it out loud.
ADHD is the need to hug you, regardless of if you wanted it or not because, he loves you and he needs to show you…
ADHD is something that makes him who he is. But I wouldnt change him. He is the better part of me, and while the times can be hard life would be boring if he was the same as everyone else. Times can be challenging, but I was never afraid of a challenge and neither is he.

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