Transition from cot, to toddler bed to big boy bed

When Ethan was about 18 months old we moved him over from his cot to his toddler bed. It was an all in one so figured if it didnt work out then we could always put him back in his cot. But I’d always had my heart set on being that mum that if we decided to do something rather than taking steps back we would see it through.

Luckily the transition from a cot to a toddler bed was pretty straightforward, aside from him coming into our bed at 2, 4, 5 o clock in the morning he actually transitioned really well! It still had side bars so he never toppled out in the middle of the night, so we just had to deal with him coming into us, which isnt so bad as long as he’s still not trying it when he’s 15 then I don’t see a major issue.

The transition to a big boy bed though was an altogether bigger issue, more for me than Ethan. I lacked the confidence that he would be able to get in and out if he needed to, because he is still so tiny in my eyes, and also, the guilt I would feel if he were to topple out in the middle of the night.

Ethan was 3 in July and has started nursery so it felt like he was getting too old to be in a toddler bed so I bit the bullet and agreed that, yes, maybe he should be in a big boy bed now…

Fast forward to last night and the big boy bed is set up with with his Lightning Mcqueen duvet set, his red bus cushion and his favourite Hey Duggee teddy.

He climbed up and we read him a bedtime story or two, we never could just keep it at one story a night and he snuggled into his quilt.

I kissed him and Duggee goodnight and turned the light out.

And that was that.

All night long.

He didnt stir, didnt try to get out, he didnt cry. He didnt fall out of bed either.

All that hesitating putting him into a normal sized bed, all that worrying, when he was ready the whole time.

He was so happy to be in there, even though he did look a little lost in there. He still looks like my little baby.

How did you find transitioning to toddler bed to big bed or did you go straight from cot to bed?

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