ADHD why you so ashamed?

So, I dont quite know where to begin with this one.

I’m just annoyed.

A “friend” told me her son has recently been diagnosed ADHD to be honest you could see it, but it was always polite to never bring it up…

She told me the doctor wanted to put her son on the same medication as my son, fine.

I told her what we thought was working well for us, what hasn’t worked so well and the the side effects we have seen.

The conversation soon turned sour though when she told me that she didn’t want her son to be diagnosed with ADHD she actually begged her doctor to not diagnose him with it and could there be any chance its something else, this is the same mum that openly admitted that her son has global delay, dyspraxia amongst other things and shes happy to run with that, to deal with it. But not ADHD?

Now dont get me wrong, I can see why you would be upset, I was upset when Korey got his diagnosis, however, I was also relieved to have answers, that I wasnt going crazy!

The next bit…. I nearly flipped….

“But my sons not naughty, he’s just really happy!”

I could have cried out of anger. This friend of mine has seen my battles, has seen my fury over lack of understanding. So for her to then basically say her son cant have it because her son isnt naughty infuriates me!

My son isnt naughty either duck! My son was happy until he started to struggle. Which believe me, three years into school and you’ll probably start to see a change too!

My son doesnt have a filter, that’s a part of ADHD. My son is bouncy and happy. That’s another part of ADHD.

I was so offended at how, even though she has seen Koreys ADHD first hand, she still sees it as “that naughty boy diagnosis” that “excuse bad parents use”

I can tell you now I am not a bad parent. I have fought every day of that boys life for him to have what every “normal” boy has!

Maybe I am just sensitive to peoples idol opinions.

As long as it doesnt affect them then it doesnt matter, until your son has that same diagnosis then you’re in denial!

I so want to raise as much awareness, what is there to be ashamed of?

A person once said to me:

“My sons brain works like an android, yours works like an iPhone.”

That’s the best description ever for the difference in brains. That’s it. A difference.

So why are you so ashamed?

Please share this!

Let’s spread awareness!

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