A letter to my 13 year old self

Dear Stephanie

I wish you knew how special you truly are. You don’t believe your worth.

You are at home but it is already becoming really strained. But you are streetwise. You already know you have a strength which will resonate with you into adulthood.

I wish I could tell you your friends are no good for you, find some that are as loyal as you but it will fall on deaf ears. You are determined enough to make mistakes and learn by them on your own terms. You will learn the real value of friendship the hard way but that’s ok. You will learn, you always do.

You are going to kiss alot of frogs. But I can promise you will find your prince and find your happy ending. You actually already know him! He is handsome and kind, he is sweet and loving.

You will get your heart broken. And it will hurt. But you wont ever be on your own. You will have a son and he will need you more than anyone. He will have additional needs, but they wont be physical so you will need all that strength you had growing up to fight his battles. To make sure he never feels alone and to make sure he is supported in all he wants to do. You will use all that fire and you should be proud of yourself for all you stand for.

You need to know that no matter which path you decide to take, you will take because you believe it is the right thing, and it probably felt like it at the time. Just remember to keep learning from any mistakes you do make. You can always calve a different path. Make your own way.

Make sure to remember if anybody hurts you, just walk away. No matter how hard it seems at the time. You can do it. Use all the resources you can to leave. You are more independent, confident than you ever give yourself credit for. Believe in yourself.

Please remember to smile. Always. At 13 there is still so much that will happen to you as you grow up. But remember to keep that smile on your face. Dont stop having fun, no matter how hard things seem. Keep your good friends close to you. Dont doubt them! The good ones will stay by your side.

Be yourself and remember there is always a rainbow after the storm passes.

Lots of Love

Your 30 year old you


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