About us

This is Korey.

Korey is seven and in year 2 at school. He is Pokémon mad and loves YouTube!

Korey is a fantastic swimmer and takes part in swimming lessons every Tuesday and can currently swim 25 meters.

Korey currently is under a paediatritian for a diagnosis for autism. It’s a tough journey for us all but I’m sure it will make us all stronger for it!


This is Maisie. Maisie is my stepdaughter from my partner’s previous relationship and we have her every Monday and Friday and every other weekend.

Maisie is five years old and currently in reception year at school.

Maisie loves gymnastics and does lessons every Saturday.


This is Ethan. Ethan is the baby of the family and is two years old in July.

Ethan loves Pingu, and Pocoyo.

Ethan is also a big enthusiast for music and can always be found dancing or singing.

Ethan is also very fond of books and doesn’t like to get muddy or mucky.