Why the 5 year age gap?

My boys have a five year age gap. I take my hats off to you mama's out there who have children close together in age. You are the real superheroes. I'm not going to lie and paint a pretty picture. I wanted Korey to be an only child. Not because I didnt want more children.... Continue Reading →

Fun in the sun!

It's really heated up in England over this weekend and what better way to enjoy the sun than to get out in it and have a paddle in the outdoor paddling pool. I was hoping as well that because England was playing today that it would be quiet down there and not massively busy... well... Continue Reading →

Our bedtime routine

Every night time we go through the same ritual. We have to have the consistency or it would drive me insane, let alone the children. So we have the same routine every weeknight, with the exception to weekends because K stays with his dad every other weekend and M stays with us on that other... Continue Reading →

Another Fathers Day Post

Iv been thinking, since giving my gratitude to my partner on my previous post there was a time he wasn't around. Once upon a time he wasn't there. This wasnt his fault. We weren't together. Once upon a time I was a single mother. And it was hard! All those night feeds, all those tumbles,... Continue Reading →

Fathers Day!

Fathers Day is right round the corner. I was spoilt on my day this year so figured I may as well spoil him with a blog about him this year. (I'm not even sure if he will read it... il just leave the tablet lying around) obviously he will also be showered with gifts and... Continue Reading →

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