Fun in the sun!

It's really heated up in England over this weekend and what better way to enjoy the sun than to get out in it and have a paddle in the outdoor paddling pool. I was hoping as well that because England was playing today that it would be quiet down there and not massively busy... well... Continue Reading →

Alton Towers

Today we took a road trip to Alton Towers with a couple of seven year olds to break them in properly on what would be their first proper experiences of theme parks. We went with the idea that there would be probably a few tears, anxiousness from the children assuming they aren't safe, maybe too... Continue Reading →

Korey rides his bike!

  Hooray! I had to share this post with the world! He has tried, and given up, for two years learning to ride his bike. He suffers with his confidence and as soon as he fails he gives up. Not today! Today he got on his bike and stuck with it! I am so proud... Continue Reading →

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