Motherhood Is Hard

Motherhood is hard! There are so many things that we struggle with on our journey through motherhood from the moment we find out we are expecting our baby our lives are changed forever. Our journey with our children never ends. It is one that will keep throwing challenges at us long after they've left home... Continue Reading →

Elf On The Shelf Ideas

With 7 days left until Christmas that means us parents have been shifting an elf around the house for last 17 days. I often find that by the time it gets to the last 7 days it can get very tedious work trying to think of different ideas for your elfs antics. Throw in the... Continue Reading →

Our bedtime routine

Every night time we go through the same ritual. We have to have the consistency or it would drive me insane, let alone the children. So we have the same routine every weeknight, with the exception to weekends because K stays with his dad every other weekend and M stays with us on that other... Continue Reading →

VE Day

Today we celebrated VE Day at the care home I work at as activity coordinator. This is one of the main reasons I love my job! Lets get the flags out and celebrate a big part of the residents lives. I spoke to many of the residents about what VE Day meant to them and... Continue Reading →

Korey rides his bike!

  Hooray! I had to share this post with the world! He has tried, and given up, for two years learning to ride his bike. He suffers with his confidence and as soon as he fails he gives up. Not today! Today he got on his bike and stuck with it! I am so proud... Continue Reading →

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